About Me


My name is Samantha Martinez. But as I have been affectionately called since childhood, I also go by Sam the Ham.

You’ll have to excuse the picture! I don’t take pictures of myself very often. This is from a recent trip to Disneyland when we visited family in the states. And honestly, you don’t go to Disneyland without getting a giant turkey leg!

I live in Grafenwoehr, Germany with my husband Michael, my two sons Matthew and Mason, and our German Shepherds Maximus and Midas. This is my family in order of appearance in my life. Their organization in no way reflects my levels of feelings for them!

In order, Michael Joseph, Matthew Joseph, Mason Joseph,
Midas Joseph, and Maximus Joseph.

So that’s it really! All anyone needs to know about me! This blog will almost always reference one of these family members in the posts as they are a huge part of my life! You also might catch some mentions of my school Kaplan University where I am currently studying and working on my Bachelors in Psychology. These posts are more for me than anything. And to tell the truth I have not shared this blog with anyone. Not even my husband. But I made them public for the thrill of someone near me stumbling upon them. After all, the risk adds a lot of excitement to the act of blogging online for the world to see.

If you got to this point, consider me extremely humbled that you read so much of my ramblings. I’m just an average Jane who decided one day to put my words online. Thanks for reading.

Yours truly,

The Ham Named Sam


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